Other Departments

Haifa University  Mathematics  department
Technion  Mathematics and  Physics departments
Tel-Aviv University  Mathematics and  Physics departments
Hebrew University  Mathematics and Physics  departments
Weizmann Institute  Mathematics and Physics departments

Research links:

Archives of physics science papers xxx.tau.ac.il
Archives of mathematical science papers  mathscinet
High energy physics  archives   Spires
Mathematical physics preprint database
Astrophysics  abstracts
Internet pilot to physics (TIPTOP)
High energy physics information center (HEPIC)

 NASA: ADS (Astrophysics Data System) , Technical Report Server
 Abstracts from Astronomy & Astrophysics (Strasbourg)
 ESO Preprints

Journals with an electronic version

Physical Review A, B, C, D, E, Accel&Beams,
Physical Review Letters
 Physics Letters A, B, Physics Reports
 European Physical Journal A, B, C, D, E, Europhysics Letters
 Astronomical Journal, Astrophysical Journal(S), Astroparticle Physics, Astronomy and astrophysics and review

The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
AMS publications
Computer Research Repository
Portals to onli
ne scientific journals: HighWire,
PubScience, CERN

 Some general journals with a free electronic version:
Scientific American, Nature, Physics Today,
 National Geographic.
Science News; New Scientist; Science;
Science Mag;
Sky & Telescope, Astronomy Now


Home pages of Societies & Agencies

 Israel Physical Society
Israel Mathematical Union
The European Mathematical Information Service

Science Museums

 The Exploratorium, with its nice Digital Library
 Israel National Museum Of Science, Haifa
 American Museum of Natural History;
 Museum of Science and Industry; (Chicago)
 Franklin Institute Science Museum; Science museum, London.
 Smithsonian Institution museums

Popular Science

 Links to Ask a Scientist, Amateur science, Kids science pages
 Science for the Millennium; ExploreScience; KidScience; PUMAS; Nova
 Cornell theory center Science Gateway and Explorations
 Picture of  Planets


 History of science documents; Beyond Discovery
 The Nobel Foundation; Scientific quotes
 Ethical Issues in Science; Online Ethics; Fed. of American Scientists
 Bad Science. Improbable ScienceUrban Legends in science.

Department of Mathematics-Physics-Computer Science, Univesity of Hiafa at Oranim, Qiryat Tivon 36006, ISRAEL