The Department of Mathematics-Physics-Computer Science  offers an undergraduate
(either B.Sc. or B.A) in Science Education.

The courses are taught by a dedicated faculty, who are also active researchers   in their field.
The interaction between students and faculty is unique and offers a great experience and opportunity for the students.

The student can choose one of four different programs we offer

  • B.Sc. A joint program in Mathematics and Physics
  • B.Sc. A joint program in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • B.Sc. A joint program in Physics and Computer Science
  • B.A A dual program: Mathematics and general studies, including units from Computer Science and Humanities.

The length of study in all programs is four years. In the fourth year the 
students teach two or
three days at a school. All the programs include a
governmental teacher  certificate in all the chosen subjects.
  The dual program is  joint with the Faculty of Humanities in Haifa University, and the student can pick any program  offered by the Humanities faculty (there is no requirment to take the computer science unit). In the dual program students can receive a governmental teachers certificate in computer science as well.

For more information please contact the department secretary  Etti Avni at 972-4-9838828, or explore
 the links below.
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Department of Mathematics-Physics-Computer Science, Univesity of Hiafa at Oranim, Qiryat Tivon 36006, ISRAEL