Physics 1

Distance, velocity, acceleration
Descending a slope
Newton's second law
Energy conservation
Collisions in one dimension
Mathematical Pendulum
Simple harmonic oscillator and forced oscillations
Angular acceleration
Energy conservation in rotational movements
Conservation of angular momenta

Electricity and Magnetism
Coulombs law
Electrical fields and potential
DC circuits
Ohms law
Introduction to Data-loger
Capacitor-charge and discharge
Force on an electrical current in a
 magnetic field
Deflection of electrons in an
electromagnetic field
Introduction to the oscilloscope
Resonance in RLC circuits
Damped oscillations in RLC circuit

Physics 2

Geometric optics
Reflection and refraction
Lenses and images
Curved mirrors

Waves on a string and on spring.
Fourier series and Fourier transform
Diffraction, interference and dispersion of light
Water waves

Thin films.

Heat capacity
Heat of fusion and heat of vaporization.
Ideal gas equation of state.
Heat Condactivity
Expansion coefficents
Vapor pressure as function of the temperature

Heat transfer
Approach to equilibrium

Physics 3

Modern Physics
Michelson-Morly interferometer
Fabri-Pro Interferometer
Photo-electric effect
Measurement of the speed of light
Speed of light in fiber optics
and coaxial cables
Absorption of light in sodium
Frank Hertz experiment
Milicken experiment
Thermal radiation
Diffraction and interference  of electrons
Electron spin resonance
Measurment of e/m.
Black body radiation.
Radioactive decay and emmision.

Condensed matter

Heat capacity at low temperature
The Hall effect

Temperature dependence
of  resistentivity of semi-conductors

Ferromagnetic phase transition


Nuclear Physics

Giger counter
Alpha radiation
Beta radiation
Gamma radiation